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Pirouette Press
January 2018



We DO NOT follow the CCPS for bad weather closings. 
Please make sure we have a current phone number for your family. The one call system is convenient, but technology does have glitches.
Closing will also be listed on the website and on our FB page.

Costume Balances

Your costume balances are due by February 15th.


Showcase 2018

Many are already asking about the date for our 2018 showcase. We are not given the chance to request a date until graduation
has been set for CCHS. Once that is done, I can request a showcase date. 
Typically our showcase falls Memorial Day weekend or the first weekend of June.





Tuition is due by the 1st and will revert to the higher 
rate after the 15th.



Office hours are from 3-9:30pm on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday
You can email us at ccdc97@hotmail.com for faster communication outside of those hours.










The studio is open for regular hours on Monday, Tuesday, and 
Thursday from 3:30-9pm. 
The fastest way to reach us is by email: ccdc97@hotmail.com.

Please check the website for information. You can also follow us on Facebook.




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